Posted by: maziati | December 5, 2009

Kursus ‘English is a fun way to communicate’

On the 19th to 22nd of November 2009 I had attended an English Course which it called ‘English is a fun way to communicate’.It was held in Mount Kinabalu Heritage Resort formerly known as Hotel Perkasa Kundasang.

Well, Kundasang is a very nice place to visit, with a beautiful scenery and a cool temperature. Some of us stayed in a chalet.Lys and I stayed in chalet no. 7 which located a bit far from our seminar room. To reach our chalet we have to cross a hanging bridge and climbed the stairs. Oh dear, my knee is going to cramp… anyway I pulled out my strength and think positive, it just an exercise. Our chalet is a nice place to stay with a two single bed and joining room to our friends Lina and Dayah.There is no aircond, no fan but the bath room provides a water heater. Early in the morning when we open our door well….what a suprise, we can see the beautiful view of Mount Kinabalu our highest mountain in South East Asia.
Well…talking about our English course, it increased much of our vocabulary and of course it gave us the couraged to use the language as often as we can. I went to English Medium school before but seldom speaking english. May be it’s not my mother’s tongue nor my husband’s. We use to speak malay and so are our children. But then I realised english is a very special language.
In this course we were trend to speak english on our on way, write or create our own lyric or song, poem and drama. There is one of the participant never speak english before but then has the courage to speak english on his on way freely. After attending this course I have the courage to use the language and I don’t mind if my grammar or my vocabulary is not perfect, just that I speak english on my own way.

On the 3rd day, we were given the chance to visit Kg Luanti in Ranau. What is special at Kg Luanti……yes..there’s a small river with a shallow water, full of beautiful fishes, small and large. The minute you come down to the water the fishes welcome you bay bitting your foot and leg…but don’t you worry their teeth is not that sharp, it’s more like a theraphy. Well… we were given fifteen minutes playing with the fishes. Before going back to our chalet we treated ourselves by eating durian.

After taking our dinner we went to the seminar room. Our director opening and closing the ceremony. The Participants divided by four groups and all are responsible to perform their own creativity. We from the peace park group delivering our song and poem. Well…what a nice course I ‘ve attended.So many courses I attended before and  courses that is always in my mind are this english course, to create a blog course, PERASA  and AKRAM.

Insyaallah… next week I will attend another course, that is “ESQ’ course (akroname –  Emotional, Sosial and Quotion). Well…never attend such course before but I think it’s a nice course and I think I should attend. On the same date I was asked to attend another course, that’s an access course (it’s about computer) but I prefer attending the ESQ course, may be it is enjoying. I will reveal the story after attending the course.

well…that’s all for today…hoping to have an idea to write in english in my next column. So long.


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